The more power you need the higher wattage generator you will need. 

Using Your 10,000 Watt Generator 
The advantage of a portable generator is that you can use it anywhere, but you will need to know where to place it safely. 

You should never use a 10,000 watt generator within 10 feet of your house, which includes inside. Make sure that it isn’t near doors or windows, under awnings, carports, or canopies. Generators require adequate ventilation because they produce carbon monoxide, never cover up a generator while in operation. Every year, more people die from carbon monoxide poisoning due to the misuse of generators. It is wise to invest in a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector for your home while you are running your generator.

Never plug your generator into a home outlet. Doing this can send uncontrolled power down the line, and not only ruin your electronics, but also potentially injure or kill power workers that could be fixing the problem miles away. If you want to plug your portable generator into your house, you need to have an electrician install a manual transfer switch panel. This will require a larger generator that will be able to handle all of the circuits you want. 

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