There are pros and cons to both propane and gas generators, choosing which generator is right for you is sometimes a matter of personal preference. 

Benefits of a Propane vs. Gas Generator 
A gas generator is the most commonly used generator on the market. It is also considered the most cost effective. Some even utilize inverter technology to produce power, which means a quieter generator with cleaner electricity output that enhances power performance. 

A diesel generator is most commonly used for commercial job site applications. These generators offer longer product life and stronger performance. A propane generator offers the advantages of requiring less maintenance, being better for the environment, and ultimately cheaper to operate than their gas-powered counterparts. For some people, those advantages might outweigh the ease of finding gas-powered discount generators. 

How to Choose A Generator 
First, you want to consider what you plan to plug into the generator. Will you want to plug in a small freezer and a lamp, or your stove and water heater? Generators are rated by wattage, and you need to know the wattage of the appliances you want to run with this power source to ensure that you purchase the right size generator. Taking into account the above mentioned benefits may help you decide which generator is best for your needs. 

Whether you want a generator for back-up purposes, traveling purposes, farming or contracting use, we have them all.

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